Forget everything you think you know about celebrity endorsements.

Because all of that is about to change right now.

MYTH: Celebrity endorsements are really expensive:

FACT: Today’s volume & variety of media outlets have produced a surge in the number of total celebrities in our culture. This increased supply makes the cost of working with celebrities much more affordable, putting the benefits of celebrity endorsement in reach for nearly any sized company.

MYTH: Celebrity endorsements are risky:

FACT: Celebrity endorsements are only “risky” when done the old fashioned way and not thinking “outside-the-box”. We specialize in getting the most value for your marketing budget and use special strategies to minimize perceived risk.

MYTH: Celebrity endorsements are not cost effective:

FACT: Again, by employing celebrities economically using proven PR and advertising techniques one can greatly increase the potential for success.

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    What Can We Do For Your Company?

    We connect celebrities with businesses in creative and synergistic ways to maximize brand popularity and reach. And, we do it affordably, making your budget go as far as possible along the way.

    With more than 1000 celebrities in our arsenal, we can provide you with multiple options and the exact right celebrities that suit your brand message and fit into your budget.

    Our celebrities are involved in the sports, movie, TV and music industries. Our service not only involves unique celebrity endorsements but our stars can also promote your offer to their huge fan bases using cutting edge marketing technology.

    We can accelerate your brand’s popularity, appeal and credibility with celebrities that are popular with your ideal audience. This saves you time and money.

    PLUS, we don’t just provide the credibility of our celebrities for your product, we can also provide ways to promote your celebrity endorsement for you. We can use public relations, low cost regional or national TV, or special internet techniques. We can work with your marketing team or agency to enhance your marketing plans and activities with celebrity appeal.

    We can lower any potential risk by spreading your endorsement budget over multiple celebrities and by using a variety of other affordable yet impactful endorsement methods.

    So What Celebrities Can You Get For Me?
    We always laugh when we hear that because it’s like walking into a supermarket and saying “What kind of food do you have here?” We have HUNDREDS of celebrities that we can access for your promotion. We ARE The C Shop.

    But to give you an idea, here are just some of the places where you’ve seen celebrities we have available:

    So if you’d like to put celebrity endorsements to work for your business for a cost you can afford, complete the form on this page for a complimentary evaluation of your needs and how we might work together. We’ll see you in the spotlight.